How Much?? (Furniture Facts)

What I love, love, love about HGTV (in addition to the show's I've been featured on) is they have been the pioneers in giving voice to, and continuing the conversation about design.  Viewers can tune in daily, and see how they can obtain the living spaces of their dreams, design careers (including my own) have been elevated, and the awareness around the effects of living beautifully, has been heightened.  

As you know, there are always two sides to every situation, and on the flip side of the HGTV utopia, is that sometimes the inspiration can be mistaken for absolute confirmation.  TV Shows that show rooms being completely overhauled for 2K-10K, are misleading. Often times viewers will walk away with this misinformation, which in turn creates their own project expectations. So when they hear from me, what the real cost is to complete the living room of their dreams, they are shocked.  

While I love surprises, and even a little (positive) shock value, when it comes to the budget, I believe there is no room for misunderstanding. To assist with the expectations for my clients (present and future), as well as the general public, this infographic is a great tool that illustrates the retail costs for upholstery and case goods (furniture) that are most frequently purchased. Even though our clients typically receive discounts that offer these items at a lower price point, and as an independent consumer,  you could certainly find these items for less, or more, the pricing listed below, is based on my experience in the field. 

I hope you find it helpful.