I made the list!


I have always believed that love lives in the details.  And because I am such a detail oriented designer (much to my clients chagrin at times), I always want to ensure that every little opportunity in the interiors I design for my clients, produces a space filled with moments that are layered in beauty and intention.  At times this can be a thankless skill, as those not in the industry never really understand how much effort goes into these details, and the space in which they all come together to create, and will subsequently live.  

So, you can imagine how surprised, humbled, honored, and Super Grateful, I was for Angela Belt to have taken notice, and to have made the list! What list, you ask? (Drumroll please) ...Angela Belt has named Nile Johnson one of the top 28 Black Tastemakers!  (and just in time for Black History Month).  I am thrilled to be in such amazing company, and am watching the rest of the list unfold, with high anticipation, as angelabelt.com names a new creative to the list, throughout the month of February - until all 28 have been named.  So exciting!  Congrats to my fellow creatives on the list, and those to come.  Cheers to you and the beauty you awaken in yourselves,  invoke in others, and share around the globe.  View the feature here!