The Latest: Nile's Style File Feature


I've always had a talent for dressing rooms, but when it comes to dressing myself, I've always felt I needed as much help as I can get.  (I know my lane, and I stay in it).  However, I recently had the honor of being nominated for, and featured in the Delaware News Journal's special edition of Style File's.  This feature was both a treat and a surprise.  My personal style consists of sweatshirts and to be recognized, and applauded for the few times, I actually do clean up, is an absolute win in my book.  We conducted the interview, and photoshoot in my home (no judgement...I'm way too busy beautifying your place, to even think about mine) and the commute was hell.  I had so much fun shooting with the photographer, and talking about my personal style... who knows, I may make this dressing up thing a more permanent event.  Check out a few of the images from the shoot below, and read the full article, and see the rest of the images here

IMG_0492 2.JPG