5 Comfortable, Elevated, Curated, & Affordable Style Tips to Cozy Up Your Pad

Quick changes don't just belong to the theater and concert world...they have an important place in your interior environment as well. Especially, for those of you, who like me, live in an area that experiences all four of the seasons vividly.  With a turn of the calendar page, bloom of a flower, and a drop of a leaf, I am constantly changing things up at home, and I'm always looking for new ways to create high style impact, thru minimal change.  Below are five of my favorite ways to do just that.  Take a look at these style tips for curated & cozy casa.  

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1. Throw

Throws are a good way to bring in the warmth (literally and figuratively).  A throw draped over the arm of a sofa, or used as an accent at the end of the bed, can automatically transform an ordinary room, into a comfortable oasis.  Want to dial up the luxe a bit?  Try using a throw that is faux fur. 

2. Oversized Accent Pillows

Nothing makes a sofa more inviting than a cluster of accent pillows.  The look and feel of a plush accent pillow, on movie night, or after a long day at the office, is one of life's simple but sweet luxuries. I like using oversized pillows, with inserts that are slightly larger than the actual pillow covering.  It elevates the design of the upholstery, while maintaining a comfortable aesthetic.   Getting the inserts into the covering can be somewhat tricky, so don't try this at home (without the assistance of your friendly neighborhood designer).  


3. Books

Books are a great way to introduce comfort. I love incorporating books into all my interiors. They bring depth and substance to a space...not to mention a good story.  I even like using books (like those pictured below) with wording and/or quotes on the spine, in unconventional spaces, like closets and kitchens. 

The Interior Design of your space, is an investment in your surroundings. It is an investment in yourself, and probably the most important investment you'll ever make. copy.png

4. Wooden Accents & Accessories

Wood is such a major player in the game of comfort.  Mixing different wood textures, finishes, and species together, through the use of accents and accessories to enhance the space, allows for a space that is comfortable and curated. 

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Every room needs several sources of light. A well executed design should include layered lighting.  I mean, what goo is a beautiful room, if you can't see it.  Lamps are probably my favorite way to bring personality into a space. From the unique forms and applications to the stunning light filtration innovations and options, these electric creatures offer up a dose of style that packs a punch.  

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Inspired, but still stuck in design decision limbo? 

Would love to change it up a bit, but not even enough time on your hands to change your mind?

You know where to reach me, and I'm happy to help! (it's my job actually). Hit me up! Let's get this design party started!  

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