Painting Mistakes to Avoid


Painting Mistakes to Avoid | Tip #1

Stop making paint selection your first official act of duty when re-designing your space. There are a million other items that could and should be selected first before the wall color is chosen.


 Painting Mistakes to Avoid | Tip #2

Every wall in every room doesn’t get the same finish. Eggshell should not be the standard finish type for the entire house.  Paint finish needs to be evaluated and carefully selected based on the room type, and it’s intended use.


Painting Mistakes to Avoid | Tip #3

Stop ignoring the ceiling.  It’s actually the 5th wall of a room, and should never be neglected.


Painting Mistakes to Avoid | Tip #4

Don’t be afraid of a bold color and/or pattern. Sometimes a wall, painted in a solid color, just doesn’t get it.


Painting Mistakes to Avoid | Tip #5

The paint color doesn’t always have to be your bff, or the star of the show. Colors that are not normally seen as stand out selections, often times play well with others, offering the other elements in your room to shine.


Painting Mistakes to Avoid | Tip #6

Hire a professional.  Get it done right the first time. Painting is a lot of work.  Doing it right, is even more work. Work, that ultimately eats up your family, me, and/or free/down time. Sure it may cost a little more, but time is a priceless luxury, that we all could use just a little more of.