6 Designer Ways to Display Art

There are so many ways to display art. Often times decorative art, is the last thought, while fine/collected art, is the first thought.  No matter where the artwork selection and installation falls in your design project, it is important to know the utilization of art is integral. It can serve a room in so many ways. Here are some of my favorite ways to display art. 

Ways to Display Art | #1

Just because the art isn't the center of attention, doesn't mean itS role isn't important. 


Ways to Display Art | #2

Classic, straightforward installations always prove to have a timeless effect. 


Ways to Display Art | #3

The juxtaposition of styles in a space, always creates great conversation.


Ways to Display Art | #4

ART101: You should never match the room to the art.  However, that rule can be ben't slightly, when it comes to decorative art, because sometimes art can be the inspiration for a whole room. 


Ways to Display Art | #5

A gallery wall display is always fun!


Ways to Display Art | #6

Make it the focal point.


While I've just shared six of my favorites, the ways to display art, are endless.  It can either be a room's focus or just a part of it.  However, no matter what role it plays; be it expression, inspiration, communication, etc., art on the walls, is key in achieving a space that has a completed look, which has been beautifully designed, evoking personality, depth, and meaning. 


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